The Lemonade Project – #SqueezeOutStigma – is a movement dedicated to calling out stigma surrounding mental illness and empowering families and individuals to unapologetically share their stories, while improving access to equitable services and insurance coverage.

At The Lemonade Project, our goal is to provide resources to families struggling with mental illness, as well as help minimize the feelings of isolation and shame. There are many resources listed in this website, which often can be overwhelming in a time of crisis.


If you feel you need assistance, Andrea consults with families to develop strategies to assist in navigating the often confusing and time-consuming activities of managing a mentally ill loved one.

If you’re interested in scheduling time with Andrea, please submit your request on our contact form. She will be in contact with you to schedule a time.

You may also Schedule an appointment with Andrea.

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Thank you for helping us create awareness about mental illness and #SqueezeOutStigma!